Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oil and Hurricanes

Oil and water do not mix - I wonder how it will do with hurricanes.  Hurricane season is almost here and this could be the most interesting Summer ever.

Frantic over tar balls in the keys, dead pelicans in Pensacola? Don’t be. There are more interesting things to ponder. Here is a headline from the future: Hurricane Betsy coats east coast of Florida in Toxic black rain” Remember when the scientist were all repeating what they did not know about the oil spill? Well the one thing they did seem to know was that we were only interacting with less than 10 percent of the actual spill. No one of course was sure where the other 90 percent was going.

But it is a good as any bet that it is floating someone in the gulf below the visual level. Either scraping the bottom clean of life or floating suspended halfway below the surface in a great pool of semi dispersed, black death. Now, imagine along comes a hurricane churning up those waters and suspending them in its rain bands. Then said hurricane carrying billions of gallons of petro laden water scatters them all along the Florida coast and hundreds of mile inland. What fun we will have then.

The rain bands from a large hurricane can cover half the state and run its course inland for hundreds of miles. Oil and water do not mix so when the rains of the hurricane finally soak into the soil or run into the rivers and lakes we will have a nice even coat of oil all over – well everything. I would think even our Oil industry scientists can imagine the dimensions of that problem. Oil contamination of soil cannot be readily exposed to the “make them so small no one can see them” magic that passes for cleanup at sea.

Huge swaths of homes contaminated, groves, cropland and pastures poisoned, water supplies rendered non potable. This is just one of the nightmare scenarios that have been left out of the Government’s handling of this disaster. Or should I say MMS and BP’s handling of the “incident” Some incident. Well look on the bright side, maybe the Federal Reserve will have just enough paper left to print up one more bailout. I would love to sell my land and move to Canada.

Oil and water do not mix. Neither do deep sea environments and shoddy engineering. Nor do wild experiments with limited knowledge and even less ability to correct. But apparently corrupt government, bought out scientists and greedy corporations do just fine together.

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