Monday, May 24, 2010

BP Defies EPA, Ursurps Coast Guard

Is our government totally under the control of big corporations? Is the power of money so great that the express rule of law is meaningless?  The EPA issues a cease and desist order to BP to stop using corexit – its chosen dispersant which test show to be marginally effective and highly toxic. BP chose to ignore that order. That is it – they say umm nope and the EPA whimpers away. No thunderbolt from the White House, no federal marshals ceasing control of the equipment, no fines – no nothing.

On May 20, the EPA issued an order to select a new dispersant from numerous approved formulas within 24 hours. BP declared that they were going to continue to use corexit which is banned in Europe also. Not only did they ignore the BP deadline, but they scolded the agency on daring to issue orders to BP at all. “Before the Coast Guard and EPA issue further directives a change in dispersant products or monitoring, we would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the option…”

Just the day before BP contractors ordered CBS reporters to stop recording film of the spill under threat of arrest. Two US Coast Guard officers were with the BP crew and told CBS “This is BP rules – not ours” Nothing I can say can expand upon this outrage. The day BP sets rules for the press is the death knell of what little access to truth the public has. Apparently, the entire US government is at the beck and call of BP as they handle this “incident” in the manner most conducive to BP interests. A local blog Is This Utopia? tried to contact the USGC regarding local volunteers making “hair booms” to help clean up the oil. When told she needed to talk to higher authority, the Coast Guard transferred her to a BP official.

I for one am done with this pathetic charade. Either the elected government rules this nation or it does not. If Washington is out of business please let me know and I will cease paying taxes. I gave Obama a chance to show otherwise, but he has proven to be as openly in the pocket of corporate interests that any President to date. Apparently corporate takeover of America is complete. This level of inaction is tantamount to abdication of the government to the moneyed elite.


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